Allegiant Capital Group LLC


Dr. Geoffrey Adams (practice refinance)

Pasco Animal Hospital

I can't emphasize enough how good an experience I had with Paul Giefing as our practice refinance broker. I have been through this process many times, and I've never had someone so willing to put out so much effort to get things done. If there was something he could take care of for me, ie-call an insurer, contact my previous lender, anything, he did it... gladly. He did his best to get all the leg work done for me so that my day was effected as little as possible with the mundane tasks involved in commercial lending. I eagerly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a lending broker that is honest, understanding, hard working and diligent.

Dr. Randal Hanson (practice acquisition)

Dr. Hanson & Associates

I would like to thank Paul for doing such an excellent job. He would answer my emails and phone calls very quickly to help solve any problems we were having. He found a great bank that also provided excellent service and good rates. I would be glad to recommend him to anyone who needed help finding financing.

Fred Potthoff III, CPA

Peterson, Hudson and Potthoff Ltd.

I have found Paul Giefing to be excellent as a choice for your loan broker. He was very up front on what I could expect from the bank that he worked with for getting loans for accountants based primarily on the billings of the firm. He kept the loan process on track, going from initial contact with me on Jan 9, 2010 to final funding on Feb 9, 2010. He smoothed out any hurdles I had with dealing with the bank in order to get funding approval.